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Macmillan's Revised Contract Lowers Digital Royalties, Raises Direct to Consumer – 10/28/2009 11:20:00 AM – Publishers Weekly

October 29, 2009

Macmillan’s Revised Contract Lowers Digital Royalties, Raises Direct to Consumer – 10/28/2009 11:20:00 AM – Publishers Weekly.

The new technology in book publishing and the tight economy are affecting all publishers.  Check it out.


The Elevator Group scores big in the National Best Books Awards 2009

October 27, 2009

My publishing company, The Elevator Group, continues onward and upward! Check out this press release about our awards in the 2009 National Best Books Awards….. Paoli, PA–The Elevator Group, an independent publishing company located in Paoli, Pennsylvania, scored big in the just announced National Best Books 2009 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News and open to all publishers and authors. The national press release about the awards is at “I am so pleased that the work of our small, but growing, publishing company is again being recognized nationally and internationally,” said Sheilah Vance, The Elevator Group’s President & CEO, and author of several books. In May, the company’s books that were released earlier this year, the novel Land Mines by Sheilah Vance, and A Christian Woman’s Journal to Weight Loss by Patricia Thomas, were named finalists in multiple categories in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, open to independent and self-publishers. The National Best Books 2009 Awards received are as follows: · Obamatyme: Election Poetry, by Melodye Micere Van Putten, was the winner in the category Poetry: Urban. · Land Mines, a novel by Sheilah Vance, was a finalist in two categories—1) Fiction: Chick Lit/Women’s Lit, and 2) Fiction: African American. · A Christian Woman’s Journal to Weight Loss, by Patricia Thomas, was a finalist in two categories—1) Health: Diet and Weight Loss, and 2) Spirituality: Journals and Quotes. · Heads Deacon, Tails Devil, by debut author P. J. McCalla, was a finalist in Fiction: African American. · Journaling Through the Land Mines, the companion journal to Land Mines, by Sheilah Vance, was a finalist in the category Self-Help: Journals and Quotes. “I’m also very gratified that The Elevator Group took two of the five finalist awards in the category of Fiction: African American,” said Vance. “We work very hard to bring quality books to the public.” For more information about The Elevator Group and all of its books, see or email

Kindle killers? The boom in new e-book readers

October 12, 2009

Check out this article on the rise in other ebook readers except Amazon’s Kindle.  Amazon has been holding the Kindle version of my book, Land Mines, hostage since May.  Apparently, they have a backlog, and my distributor and I aren’t big enough to get through.  But, the e-pub version is available and can be read on these other ebook readers.  You can access the ebook version at my website,  A monopoly, like Amazon had, is a bad thing.,8599,1929387,00.html#WordPress