PJ McCalla signing Heads Deacon, Tails Devil 12/17 and 19 in PA

My author, PJ McCalla, will be signing copies of her award-winning novel, Heads Deacon, Tails Devil on Thursday, 12/17 at Barnes & Noble, Swedesford Rd., Devon, PA, 1-3pm and Borders Express, Plymouth Mtg. Mall, 12/19, 1-4pm.  She just got a great review in the Midwest Book Review/Small Press Watch:

“Hypocrisy is always most vicious to those near the hypocrite. “Heads Deacon, Tails Devil” tells the story of a small town, who have come to adore Robert Grant, a religious leader. But Grant hides a much more demonic interior than he shows his town and congregation, but even when you try your best, you can’t hide your dark side forever. “Heads Deacon, Tails Devil” is a curious and highly recommended story not to be missed.”

See www.TheElevatorGroup.com for more info.

This would make a great holiday gift!


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